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photo by Michel Marang

Atzko Kohashi

Jazz Pianist

”European flavor with Japanese taste - Music played Atzko Kohashi has an aesthetic restraint, being neither too much nor too little, which seems something common with Zen philosophy.” ―Keiichi Baba


"Natural, Warm, Human; the melody of life abroad from Atzko Kohashi" ― The Holland Times



CD Release Concert & the premiere of the mini documentary 
                        June 3rd at Concertgemaal in Amsterdam   20:00~
Tony Overwater- bass      Atzko Kohashi- piano
New Album "A Drum Thing" is just released!
Tony Overwater- bass      Atzko Kohashi- piano
A Drum Thing CD cover.jpg
Recorded at MCO, Hilversum on 15th Dec, 2022 
Mini- documentary - The making of the album 'A Drum Thing'
It Should've Happened A Long Time Ago / For Turiya


Atzko Kohashi (piano)・Tony Overwater (bass)

“Crescent” was nominated for Edison Jazz Award 2022 in the Netherlands and Der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (The German Record Critics’ Award) 2/2022.

"The highly refined Japanese/Amsterdam based pianist Atzko Kohashi and equivalent bassist Tony Overwater invariably deliver excellent chamber jazz. Their Cresent album sounds like a musical star menu, everything is right down to the smallest details: The choice of repertoire, the acoustics, tempos and interpretations are all as delicate as they are tasteful." 

                                 –Edison Jazz Awards 2022


Europen edition                                                        Japanese edition
​➡ Interview with Atzko &Tony by Jazz Tokyo

Eddy Koopman (percussion) ・Atzko Kohashi (piano)

photo by Rob Becker

    Sketches of Seasons                   


HYBRID-two channel-SACD High dynamic recording by Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings

"Improvisations driven from the moment and emotion. The direct ambient-like recording technique used in the RAR series from Sound Liaison ensures that the listener is completely absorbed in the recordings.

The musical realization of the seasons is magically portrayed. As if being in a beautiful dream. The palette ranges from the renewing, burgeoning of spring, the glorious of summer, the melancholy of autumn to the cozy embracing of winter."
                                                     - Native DSD

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Denise Janaah (voice) ・Atzko Kohashi (piano)

Lost & Found

Denise & Atzko at Dela Mar Theater, Amsterdam 2021
Lost & Found album image.jpg
by Rhapsody Analog Recordings
You see two top musicians who are completely absorbed in their greatest passion: Music, where there is never any pretense whatsoever. You do witness an intense and pure chemistry, with which these two acclaimed Ladies of Jazz take each other and their audience to great heights.
                                                   - Jazzdagen, Harderwijk

Atzko/ solo piano



vlcsnap-2015-08-27-20h58m58s80 (3)_edited.jpg

Atzko Kohashi, who currently resides in Amsterdam, is a Japanese born pianist with international background. By the age of 5, her musical path began by studying classical piano. During her university years studying Law at Keio University in Tokyo, she joined the college jazz big band and started gigging around Tokyo jazz scenes. From 1994-2001, Atzko lived in New York where she studied with the jazz master Steve Kuhn. Atzko has thus experienced three different cultures: Japanese, American and European. Such multicultural background has surely influenced her view on music and led to her unique musical style. “Warm, Natural and human” ''Still waters run deep” “Being neither too much nor too little, which seems something common with Zen philosophy”– critics describe the playing of pianist Atzko Kohashi. Whilst her musical root lies in Jazz, she adapts the melodies to her own voice.


Atzko moved to Amsterdam in 2005 and since then she has been working with various Dutch musicians including Frans van der Hoeven (bassist), Tony Overwater (bassist), Sebastiaan Kaptein (drummer), Eddy Koopman (percussionist), Angelo Verploegen (trumpeter), Maya Fridman (cellist), Denise Jannah (vocalist)…, and has released a series of duo and trio albums with them.  Those albums are well received by numerous critics and music lovers.


Her latest album “Crescent” (released in Japan in 2021, internationally released in 2022) playing duo with bassist Tony Overwater was nominated for Der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (The German Record Critics’ Award 2/2022) and Dutch Edison Award (National category) 2022. The duo has just finished a new recording and will be released in the coming spring.



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