Reviews on Crescent


“A Saxless ode to John Coltrane – Bassist Tony Overwater and pianist Atzko Kohashi perform John Coltrane’s music. It is daring to perform Coltrane's music in a duo setting without saxophone, but it works. The beauty is in Overwater’s interpretation of Jimmy Garrison’s bass solo in Lonnie’s Lament, where Kohashi supports him with her smoothly curling piano playing.”

(11-02-2022   Volkskrant, The Netherlands by Gijsbert Kamer)

“The music has a fluid quality. Kohashi’s rounded, pearly piano sound colors beautifully matches with Overwater’s lyrical bass. This is pure harmony singing. Crescent is a beautiful, intimate album by two great musicians.”
(18-02-2022   Jazzenzo, The Netherlands by Matthijs van de Berg)

“... A very fine, relaxed jazz album without sounding sappy or “healing,” yet in a sense this music as more healing power in it than many a “breathe deeply” CD being pushed nowadays.”
(07-02-2022   Art Music Lounge by Lynn René Bayley)

“... It is an album that flows quietly and yet intense, full of emotions, without frills. Both immersed in involving atmospheres, a dialogue that goes beyond the notes played. A great album, which can be listened to repeatedly.” 
(05-02-2022   Music Zoom, Italy)

“... Their Crescent was recorded in the breathtaking acoustics of a church, and the two make perfect use of this opportunity, communicating with each other in sound in a restrained and considerate way. ..”
(04-02-2022   Na Dann, Germany)

“The interplay between the two musicians can be called successful. A must if you are not averse to improvisations.”
(03-02-2022   Smooth Jazz, Germany by Patric Van de Wiele)

“A beautifully original and central piece in the album is signed by the double bassist, De Boot, a perfect reflection of the general atmosphere of this very beautiful and soothing galette.”
(01-02-2022   Jazzmania, Belgium by Jean-Pierre Goffin)

“... A perfect reflection of the general atmosphere of this very beautiful and soothing disk.”
(01-02-2022, Europe Jazz Media Charts 02 2022)

“... the beautiful acoustics let you dive deep into the purist sound world of piano and bass...”
(25-01-2022   Jazzthing)

“…perfectly reproduced, deep, melancholy and written for this duo, it couldn't be more atmospheric.....very successful....The beautiful sound of the music on this album has of course first of all to do with the two musicians, but the location also plays a role, because it was recorded in the Beaufort House in Austerlitz, a former church with special acoustics.”
(25-01-2022   Rootstime, Belgium by Jan van Leersum,)


“... The Amsterdam-based Japanese pianist and the Dutch bassist have managed to absorb the spirit of Coltrane's record and implement it in their own individual way. All the songs radiate a great and soothing calm. I feel at the same time connected with the spirit of Coltrane's Crescent.”

(22-01-2022   Musikansich, Germany by Wolfgang Giese)

“... Here is an album with a marked inspiration where Atzko Kohashi and Tony Overwater show a great sensitivity and a perfect communion of spirit...”
(21-01-2022   jazz halo, Belgium by Jean-Pierre Goffin)



“Although this is a subdued album, you can feel the emotion in every sentence. And therein lies its value above all. Great solo parts by the two musicians round out the work.”  
(15-01-2022    Jazz-Fun, Germany)

“The arrangements are braided in an unobvious way, filled with details that are only discovered on subsequent listens. The musicians bring us to the surface the reflective rather than expressive load of the compositions, the poetic, dreamy aura of the whole dominates. On the other hand, the richness of the variation technique of both instrumentalists does not allow us to surrender to this melancholy. Crescent is a fascinating dialogue which can be ranked among the best duets in jazz!”

(10-01-2022   Multikulti, Poland by Krzysztof Szamot)

“Being free and open-minded is essential for jazz. For this time, the duo is challenging John Coltrane’s spiritual world with piano and bass. The first half of the album focuses on songs from Coltrane’s album Crescent. It’s a soulful dialogue between the two humans. You can see the joy of life through their performance with full of freedom and openness.”                                                                 

(Makoto Gotoh, jazz critic in Japan)

“The beautiful acoustic of the venue, combined with the beauty of the surroundings, resulted in an impressive dialogue of two instruments. They play Coltrane’s tunes in unexpected way (mostly in tranquility), and yet they hold the essence of the original music. Seeking a spiritual connection with Coltrane, they also seem to converse with him. The sincere and heartfelt performance of the two musicians can attract the listeners to the last details, which generates another dialogue with us- listeners.”

(Intoxicate Tower Records, Japan by Shingo Katagiri)

“Tony Overwater and Atzko Kohashi, a duo of only piano and bass, even heightened sensitivity to Coltrane’s music. Their breathtaking interplay in tranquil manner resonates in our souls.”       

(Jazz Tokyo, Japan by Hiroaki Ichinose)


The interplay between kohashi and overwater is superb. Kohashi has an elegant and delicate touch on the piano, as if it were breathing, and the bass player Overwater presents all kinds of techniques in a casual way.

(Jazz Life, Japan by Tatsuya Nagato)