New Album Release!  

Duo with Ton Overwater (bass)

"Crescent" will be released on July 7th by Studio Songs in Japan. 

  1. Wise One (by John Coltrane)

  2. What’s New (by Bob Haggard)

  3. Lonnie’s Lament (by John Coltrane)

  4. De Boot (by Tony Overwater)

  5. Crescent (by John Coltrane)

  6. Nightfall (Ellen David) (by Charlie Haden)

  7. Mr. Syms (by John Coltrane)

  8. Our Spanish Love Song (by Charlie Haden)

  9. As Long As There’s Music (Jule Styne)

Pre-order is available in JAPAN.

Here's a mini-documentary film from the recording session on February 14th. 

Pre-release of one track of the new album Çrescent

Duo with Eddy Koopman
(piano & percussion)


Work in progress..............................

Recorded by Rhapsody Analog Recordings

at MCO Studio 2 in Hilversum