Rhapsody Audiofile Recordings presents                           Sketches of Seasons                     
Atzko Kohashi (piano) ・ Eddy Koopman (percussion)

“The inspiration for these recordings came from my memories and experiences from the past. Memories from childhood, from current images, from Japan and other countries, just like tracing memories musically. Spring came from a Japanese children song ‘Brook in Spring’.  Images of a small stream, cherry blossoms, tender fresh green, soft wind. Summer was mixture of a lazy, drowsy and also energetic feeling.  Autumn was Eddy’s composition- very lyrical and poetic and feeling like a melancholic shadow.  Winter was a bit of a sacred song with reminiscences of severe coldness, snowflakes, footsteps in the snow and Christmas feeling. We picked the season’s motif for these duo recordings as it is uninhibited and universal. We can share the corresponding feelings with everyone without any explanations. Everybody will get their own images while listening and that is the beauty of it!


Recorded on 20 & 23 June, 2020

at Studio2 MCO  Hilversum,  Netherlands

HYBRID-two channel-SACD

High dynamic recording

Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings (RAR)

Recording & Production team:

Harry van Dalen

Michael van Polen

Frans de Rond

Executive adviser: Roy Teysse


HYBRID-two channel-SACD

   High dynamic recording

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