Just released!
Rhapsody Audiofile Recordings presents
                         Skethces of Seasons    
                  Atzko Kohashi (piano) ・ Eddy Koopman (percussion)

HYBRID-two channel-SACD

   High dynamic recording


Recorded on 20 & 23 June, 2020

at Studio2 MCO  Hilversum,  Netherlands

HYBRID-two channel-SACD

High dynamic recording

Rhapsody Audiophile Recordings (RAR)

Recording & Production team:

Harry van Dalen

Michael van Polen

Frans de Rond

Executive adviser: Roy Teysse



“The inspiration for these recordings came from my memories and experiences from the past. Memories from childhood, from current images, from Japan and other countries.

Spring came from a Japanese children song ‘Brook in Spring’.  Images of a small stream, cherry blossoms, tender fresh green, soft wind. Summer was mixture of a lazy, drowsy and also energetic feeling.  Autumn was Eddy’s composition. Very lyrical and poetic and feeling like a melancholic shadow.  Winter was a bit of a sacred song with reminiscences of severe coldness, snowflakes, footsteps in the snow and Christmas feeling.”          Atzko

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Sketches of Seasons - Behind the scenes