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now available digitally and on cd in Dutch & Japanese edition

  Tony Overwater (bass) ・ Atzko Kohashi (piano)               

“Crescent” was nominated for Edison Jazz Award 2022 in the Netherlands.

“Crescent” was nominated for Der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (The German Record Critics’ Award) 2/2022.

NL edition
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JP edition

Our duo album Crescent portrays the spiritual world of John Coltrane, playing his songs from the album Crescent but with our own interpretation. We want to highlight the beauty of his compositions as a duo of piano and bass in a different context.

  1. Wise One (by John Coltrane)

  2. What’s New (by Bob Haggard)

  3. Lonnie’s Lament (by John Coltrane)

  4. De Boot (by Tony Overwater)

  5. Crescent (by John Coltrane)

  6. Nightfall (Ellen David) (by Charlie Haden)

  7. Mr. Syms (by John Coltrane)

  8. Our Spanish Love Song (by Charlie Haden)

  9. As Long As There’s Music (Jule Styne)

Recorded at Beauforthuis in Austerlitz, The Netherlands

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Frans de Rond (mixed at Muziekcentrum van de Omroep in Hilversum)

​➡ Interview with Atzko &Tony by Jazz Tokyo
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Lujon remastered 2021

"European flavor & Japanese taste - The trio brings to the harmony and dissonane found in the traditions of east and West."

  Atzko Kohashi (piano)
  Frans van der Hoeven (bass)
  Sebastiaan Kaptein (drums)             

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Amstel Moments 
remastered 2021

Atzko's fiirst duo album (recorded in 2019) is now remastered and reissued. This  album is trily a milestone for Atzko! 

  Atzko Kohashi (piano)
  Frans van der Hoeven (bass)        

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NOw available at  Amazon store and other CD shops.