Atzko Kohashi & Tony Overwater

It is said that people have long considered the gradually waxing moon to be a symbol of the fulfilment of their wishes, and that praying to the crescent moon was a special occasion. The crescent moon, which reflects the sunlight and waxes day by day, is like a piece waiting to be fully formed. You do not just entrust your dreams but you set your sights and your hopes, looking forward to the future and preparing to take action. It is no wonder that Coltrane's Crescent connected with our hope to realize this recording session.


Reviews on Crescent

Crescent is a beautiful, intimate album by two great musicians. M. v. d. Berg, Jazzenzo 01 2022
Although this is a subdued album, you can feel the emotion in every sentence.
J. Brun, jazz-fun 01 2022
... the beautiful acoustics let you dive deep into the purist sound world of piano and bass... R. Thomas, Jazzthing 01 2022
... However, the two perfectly capture the thoughtful spirit of the recording...
J. Engels, Jazzthing 04 2022
The emotional density with which the duo deal with John Coltrane compositions reveals how they have internalized the spirituality of his music... J. Engels, Fono Forum, 04 2022
… perfectly reproduced, deep, melancholy and written for this duo, it couldn't be more atmospheric.....very successful....     Jan v. Leersum, Rootstime 01 2022
... The Japanese pianist and the Dutch bassist have managed to absorb the spirit of Coltrane's record and implement it in their own individual way...          W. Giese, MusikAnSich 01 2022
... Rather, the impression is that the performers succeed in drawing new aspects out of the compositions without obscuring their origins.  H. D. Radke, Glarean 03 2022
… A very fine, relaxed jazz album without sounding sappy or “healing,” yet in a sense this music as more healing power in it than many a “breathe deeply” CD being pushed nowadays. Lynn René Bayley, Artmusiclounge 02 2022
... The interplay between the two musicians can be called successful. A must if you are not averse to improvisations. P. Van de Wiele, Smooth Jazz 02 2022
... From Coltrane, in addition to the title track Crescent, where the double bassist captivates with his string playing, there are three more brilliantly gripping masterpieces - the album opener Wise On, then Lonnie's Lament and Mr.Syms ... P. Spanko, skjazz 03 2022
... Here is an album with a marked inspiration where Atzko Kohashi and Tony Overwater show a great sensitivity and a perfect communion of spirit...             J. P. Goffin, jazzhalo 01 2022
A Saxless ode to John Coltrane – Bassist Tony Overwater and pianist Atzko Kohashi perform John Coltrane’s music. It is daring to perform Coltrane's music in a duo setting without saxophone, but it works. G.Kamer Volkskrant 02 2022
It’s a soulful dialogue between the two humans. You can see the joy of life through their performance with full of freedom and openness…. M. Gotoh, weekly Friday Japan
….Seeking a spiritual connection with Coltrane, they also seem to converse with him. The sincere and heartfelt performance of the two musicians can attract the listeners to the last details, which generates another dialogue with us- listeners. S. Katagiri, Intoxicate Japan
…A duo of only piano and bass, even heightened sensitivity to Coltrane’s music. Their breathtaking interplay in tranquil manner resonates in our souls… H.Ichinose, Jazz Tokyo Japan




“Crescent” was nominated for Der Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik (The German Record Critics’ Award) 2/2022.

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