Atzko Kohashi




Atzko Trio Live at Hakuju hall, Tokyo  2016



Atzko Kohashi-piano, Frans van der Hoeven-bass, Sebastiaan Kaptein-drums 



                                                        Tokyo Concert at Hakuju hall, 2016
                                                        Tokyo Concert at Hakuju hall, 2016
                                             Sunrise concert at Beauforthuis, Austerlitz 

                                       Video clip for 'Lujon"
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Maya Fridman - cello, Frans van der Hoeven - bass, Atzko Kohashi - piano 





               AEON Trio concert at Lutherse Kerk, Haarlem

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 Download our biography:

Duo with Frans van der Hoeven, bass




 Japan tour in 2013 at Musashino concert hall/Tokyo 


                                                    "Don't Explain" from Amstel Moments





Analogue Recording Project  with Denise Jannah




with Denise Jannah - vocalist 




New Album 'Lost & Found' (LP & Tape)  


For more information please visit: Rhapsody Analog Recordings

Trial listening at: Lost & Found Trial Listening 




Duo with Genzo Okabe on Sound Liaison project




with Genzo Okabe-alto saxphone  



                                                   Duo with Genzo Okabe at MCO studio 1



Atzko Solo



at MCO studio 2, Hilversum 


                                                                     Atzko Solo at MCO studio 2


Silence Smiles project



              Silence Smiles Concert at Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk in Weesp, 2016







Latest News!

New VINYL album "Lost & Found" with Denise Jannah (vo) is just released!

Live to 2 Track 100% Analog recording.

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