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Atzko was born and raised in Japan and currently resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She started her classical piano studies during childhood and has been improvising and composing since. She is a self-taught jazz pianist. As a student studying law in Keio University, Tokyo, she was an active member of the jazz big band, Keio Light Music Society.

From 1994 to 2001, Atzko lived in New York, where she learned from jazz master Steve Kuhn. Her music was influenced by this association. In 2001 Atzko moved back to Tokyo, where she played regularly with numerous jazz musicians. Aside from giggling in jazz clubs, she also worked for C.G. animation and radio drama music as a composer and a player.

In 2005, she moved to Amsterdam, and released her first album Amstel Delight (PJL 2005): a trio recording with her longtime collaborators in Japan. In 2009, she formed a duo with Dutch bassist Frans van der Hoeven and released the duo album Amstel Moments (BJL, 2009) followed by Waltz for Debby (Toniq 2013).  Those albums were well received by numerous critics and music lovers-“European taste with Japanese flavor” “Warm, Natural and human”.

During those years she also appeared in Tokyo jazz scene with Japanese top bassist Yosuke Inoue and guitarist Kazuma Fujimoto in 2009 and 2011.  Atzko and Yosuke made a live recording at Body & Soul in Tokyo and released the duo album Turnaround (What’s New 2010). In 2011, Music Apps Book of Ballads compiled from her previous albums came out from Spaceshower.Inc. The following year Atzko teamed up a unique duo with Dutch drummer Sebastiaan Kaptein and released the album Dualtone (Toniq 2012).

In June 2013, Atzko & Frans Duo toured Japan, with sold-out performances in several cities, including Tokyo, Nagasaki, Fukuoka and Kagoshima. It was promoted by Camerata, an agency known for classical music performances.

Since 2014, she has been working on her trio project with Frans on bass and Sebastiaan on drums, and their album “Lujon” was released by Japanese record label Cloud. They toured in Japan in November 2017, playing at prestigious concert halls including Hakuju Hall in Tokyo and Kitara Hall in Sapporo. Their concert at Hakuju Hall was selected as ‘’one of the most impressive concerts in 2016” by JazzTokyo.

Atzko has been very well received by numerous critics both in the Netherlands and Japan. Some of her albums had been adopted for KLM In-Flight music.






小橋敦子 こはし あつこ 


幼少時より音楽に親しみ、クラシックピアノを学ぶ。慶応義塾大学在学中には学生ビッグバンド、ライトミュージックソサエティーのピアニストとして活躍。卒業後よりピアノトリオ、カルテットなどで東京、横浜を中心に活動を始める。1994 年から2001 年までニューヨーク滞在、スティーブ・キューンに師事。帰国後再びトリオ、ソロでのライブ活動を再開すると共に、ラジオドラマ、CG アニメ音楽制作、また、ジャズ楽曲のアレンなどを手がける。2005 年よりオランダ、アムステルダム在住。主なCD 作品として、「アムステル・デライト/小橋敦子トリオ、オランダ人ベーシストFrans van der Hoevenとのデュオ「アムステル・モーメンツ」、「Waltz for Debby」、ドラマーSebastiaan Kaptein とのデュオ「Dualtone) , および、ベーシスト井上陽介とのデュオ「ターナラウンド/Tokyo Live」などがある。2013年、カメラ―タ東京からの招聘によりFrans van der Hoevenとのデュオで日本ツアー、東京をはじめ各地でのコンサートホールで演奏しジャズファンはもとより多くの音楽ファンから好評を得る。最近は、Van der Hoeven、Kaptein とのトリオで活動、トリオの新作Lujonは2015年3月に日本のジャズレーベル Cloudよりリリースされた。2016年11月に東京白寿ホール、札幌キタラホールでトリオ及びデュオでの来日コンサートを行い好評を博す。

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New VINYL album "Lost & Found" with Denise Jannah (vo) is just released!

Live to 2 Track 100% Analog recording.

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